I Know Why All the Notifications.. Be Prepared..

 Earlier, I ranted about notifications and why so many? They take up too much time. Life used to be easier. Why is my life so hard? https://theblogbroadblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/17/im-drowning-in-notifications/ I have come up with a few theories. Join me~

It’s so the rich elite who are actually an alien race of ancient reptiles, can enforce martial law, take our guns and throw us in FEMA camps so that the Giants they uncovered in Antarctica can take over our flat earth. 

Maybe it’s to keep us busy with a multitude of meaningless tasks while they (the reptiles) secretly turn the world gay.

It could be a mind control technique by the government to see if we can be trained like Pavlov did with his dogs.

What if every time we open our email we are barraged by energy waves that make us fat?

Could be the Russians.

Perhaps it’s just another thing to distract us from praying because, every minute away from God counts.  

Might be the CIA.

Maybe it’s an experiment to see how many people will break and lose their minds from the constant barrage of notifications and commit road rage.


Life Humbly, Be Quiet, Check Your Emails,




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