Dave, 37

I present my new writing project, the Higher Living Wellness Centre Inc. Blog/ Patient Stories.

Higher Living Wellness Centre Inc.

medical marijuanaOpiates nearly killed Dave, 37 from Dartmouth Nova Scotia.  What began as a shoulder injury left him struggling for his life back in 2009.  Dave, a Criminology Student was experiencing pain from a shoulder injury.  He sought relief through the traditional pain resources like physiotherapy and when that no longer worked, he was referred to a pain clinic.  He was originally hoping for some cortisone shots.  Upon learning he was allergic to a freezing agent in the compound, the doctor prescribed opiates for the pain.  Morphine to be exact.  Over time, the doctor had increased his dose to 120 mg of morphine twice daily and on one fateful day, Dave overdosed.  Keep in mind this was prescribed and he maintained a regular dose schedule.  It was too much for his body and at barely 30, he suffered a stroke.  Dave was a larger man so when he fell from his…

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