David, 35

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David, 35

Higher Living Wellness Centre Inc.

spinal fusionWhat began as a High School sports injury has left David almost completely incapacitated.He was participating in gymnastics and while making a run for the spring board, his spotters walked away leaving David alone.

He missed.

He landed head-down with all of his bodyweight on his neck; the injury caused two tears – one in his spinal cord and one in his brainstem.
Now 35 years old, David moved from his hometown in the Barrington Passage area to Kentville, Nova Scotia : “to be closer to medical services”.
David has had more than 20 surgeries and fusions, although he admits that he has really lost count.
There was the leg amputation in 2010- a combination of spinal fluid build up and spine compression from being relegated to a wheelchair caused the circulation to be cut off in his leg. It also caused the infection that cost him his…

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