Discarded Cups…

Sam Clattenburg loves Doctor WhoFresh pot of coffee on a sunny Saturday morning?  Don’t mind if I do.   I have been dragging my ever increasing ass all week.  I have been incredibly tired and have had a lot of pain in my legs, back and neck.  I’ve also been experiencing a lot of inflammation lately.  I’m supposed to be gluten free, dairy free, caffeine, refined sugars, alcohol free but I don’t always follow the rules.   Not because I don’t want to, it’s because I’m poor and would rather eat a sandwich than go hungry.

My partner and I are trying to get by on just her income and it’s just not enough to support all the things I’m supposed to do to try and keep symptoms at bay.  “Have you tried acupuncture?”  “Why don’t you take this?”  “Why not get a massage?”  What part of poor and uninsured do you NOT understand?

It’s being stuck in a situation where you need a job to pay for all the things you need, and are supposed to do but not being well enough to keep a job, even a part time one.  Since 2004, I have been fired from 11 jobs.  Not because I wasn’t a fast learner, fun to work with, a good salesperson or a hard worker.  It was because of illness and calling in sick.  

I have NEVER called in sick unless I physically could not make it to work to do my job- I couldn’t afford that luxury supporting myself.   I don’t have a car so that means walking everywhere to get to bus stops, standing and walking and walking and standing, no matter if it’s pouring rain or minus 30 degree weather.

I am now 43 years old with severe arthritis and ME/CFS, degenerative disc disease in 3 spots on my spine.   I have a hard time some days taking my dog out for a pee.  Days where I spend my shower time laying in the tub absorbing the heat letting the water pound my skin because I can’t stand.

I would love to have a job and be a normal contributing person.  No one chooses disability, illness and poverty.  No one.  I’ve had to resort to doing things like selling my paintings when I was able to paint.  I have dog sat, hemmed pants, blogged for dollars on paid blogging sites that don’t seem to exist anymore.  Currently I do laundry for a neighbor, I offer to walk my neighbors dogs, I have offered to make sales calls for a friend’s husband, I have created a site for my friend’s business and blog for that.  The money is minimal but it makes feel like I’m doing something.  I just need more.

I get depressed and bummed out a lot because I can’t do the things I want or need to do.   Most recently, my dog has gotten fleas.  Now, she is a city dog who is indoors and on sidewalks and always on leash.  I don’t give her regular flea treatments because she doesn’t really need them.  The only thing I can conclude is that my neighbors who have cats coming and going all the time are carrying fleas.  My neighbors, although nice guys are rather irresponsible and dirty.  They also have multiple pets in a one bedroom apartment.  Our apartments are very close and we share a (very dirty and cat sprayed) back hallway that leads to the rape basement and laundry area.   Plus any time my dog comes into contact with the neighbors’ cat, she seems to get fleas on her.  I don’t know, either way, I can’t afford the meds my dog needs to be rid of them.  I had one tube of Advantix left that I put on her after a bath.   I can’t tell you how guilty I feel for not having the things my dog needs.  She also needs a vet check up that I can’t afford.   It makes me feel like a bad dog mom.  

Feeling like a failure is a common theme for my days.  Even if it is beyond my control, I feel like I have failed at life.  A lot of my friends my age have homes, families, cars and go on trips.  Their Instagrams read like travel brochures then there’s mine.

LesGeek on Instagram

Lots of bath, blanket and book pics.  I also commemorate good meals I have enjoyed.

I really want to upgrade my blog and get my own domain.  It costs $60.   I don’t have it.  If we have $60 it usually goes on food and toiletries.   It’s so frustrating.  I always feel like I’m hog tied and told, “Ok, now do life.”  

Discarded CupI don’t even qualify for government services because I live with my partner.  The government says she makes too much for me to get help.  With that and the way my family treats me I feel like a discarded coffee cup that’s been tossed out a window and kicked to the curb.  If you’ve ever driven anywhere in Canada, you’ll see A LOT of discarded Tim Horton’s cups on the highways, streets and overflowing in city trash cans.  I bet for every one of those cups that have been deemed used and useless by someone, there is a disabled person struggling to live.  Discarded Cups

I brew my own coffee at home and use a travel mug.  

I believe everyone has a purpose.  

Maybe mine is providing a voice for others who are suffering.

How do you get by if you suffer from chronic illness/pain?

Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously,



Tim Horton’s cup on street http://ecofriend.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/tim-hortons-coffee-cup-street_CFUMo_18770.jpg
Trash can full of Tim Horton’s cups https://i.cbc.ca/1.2111753.1382068838!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_1180/technology-100706-tim-hortons-cups.jpg
Instagram and Doctor Who mugs my own 

16 thoughts on “Discarded Cups…

      1. :)… not everyone keeps trying…Life is funny… we have so little control over it… sometimes awesome responses in hard times say more about a person than at any other time… it’s not the frame which surrounds you that defines you but the portrait within… and you my dear… don’t give up… hats off to you👍👍👍👍👍👍🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

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  1. Oh, you have a very important purpose. You touched on it in your final sentences, but it’s even vaster than just being a voice for others who are suffering. Of course, not everyone suffers from the exact same issues and illnesses as you, and I absolutely sympathize with the fact that you feel less than due to things you don’t have that others do. But I think you know that those things don’t define anybody’s worth, nor can any of them be called a purpose. What you’ve written here and in other posts of yours that I’ve read can be applicable and therefore inspirational to anyone willing to detect the universal message behind the specifics. You wrote these words and you wrote them when you were in the midst of very tangible pain. That tells me you care about the well-being of others just as much as your own. And that is the most noble of purposes.

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    1. That is so kind. Thank you very much. I do care about people. I care about anyone who is suffering b it from illness or depression or loneliness or poverty. I can relate. If anything, my suffering has made me a much more compassionate person. If I can help anyone, even just one person, with my words.. I’m grateful for that. 😊

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  2. Have you considered DreamHost? It is what I use and your plan would be cheap. Plus you can sell ads through WordPress if you self-host. I pay close to $300 a month US to host my business, but yours would likely be dirt cheap. Let me know, I have hosted with them since the late 90’s and can get you discounts on things. 🙂

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    1. Sadly, I don’t know a lot about these things. Trying to learn. The easiest thing is simply upgrading my WordPress account but it seems others use outside hosts instead. Is it because of intellectual property?? It would only be $60/yr. Then I heard of Host Gator and was looking in to that. I don’t know much about SEO stuff. Ugh.. It’s hard learning this shit when you’re older lol

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  3. Look into diatomaceous earth. There are food grade bags that are great for fleas, roaches, mud scrubs for dogs. Ten bucks will get you enough to make a light coat for your dog (, instructions can be found online), plus coat the floors around the barrier with other apartments so they don’t get back in from other apartments. Works well. I’ve dealt with various apartments as a poor grad student. I can confirm it kills bed bugs and roaches. Never had fleas, but supposedly any insect of that type can’t handle it. It scratches up their exoskeleton when they walk on it and kills them.

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