Melissa, 48

My latest piece for Higher Living Wellness Centre Inc.. A compelling story!

Higher Living Wellness Centre Inc.

Higher Living Wellness Centre BlogMelissa’s career came to a grinding halt in 2009 when she was attacked by a violent inmate while working as a corrections officer in a government facility in Truro NS. The patient was known to be violent among officials after attacking a parole officer in a previous incident. After that, the patient was sent to Melissa’s unit in Mental Health without any warning of her prior violent outburst.

Melissa, previously injuring her ankle on the job, was unable to get a good grip with her swollen right foot to defend herself. She was slammed against a bathroom wall. During the scuffle, Melissa tells me she noticed a razor blade lying next to a bathtub and she could only assume the patient meant to get her over there. She fought back as hard as she could but permanently injured her shoulder in the process.

Melissa, who previously worked as a psych…

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