Alex, 32

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ms_disease-course_PPMSProgression Of PPMS

In 2010, Alex was diagnosed with the rarest form of MS.  Primary Progressive MS  (PPMS) which is characterized by its progressive neurological degeneration and the lack of remissions (a break from symptoms) affecting only 15 percent of MS sufferers.  Some of the symptoms of PPMS include; muscle spasms, constantly contracting muscles cause pain and stiffness.  Cognitive impairment, fatigue, vision impairment and bladder and bowel problems.  Most people with PPMS require assistance with everyday tasks.

Alex went through 6 years of pain.  At one point he was on 10 different pharmaceuticals ranging from opioids, muscle relaxants, anti fatigue medication, sleeping pills, anxiety medication and stomach medication from the effects of the other drugs.  In 2015, Alex had an Intrathecal Baclofen Pump (ITB) surgically installed when the pill form of Baclofen stopped working.  (Baclofen helps restore regular muscle function.)  This is a common treatment for MS patients…

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