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You may have noticed my absence the past 4 days.   Maybe you didn’t, listen to me- talking like I’m somebody.  I was exhausted and having migraines.  I have to force myself to take a break every so often to avoid staring at a screen because it’s giving me headaches.  I think I need new glasses too.   So I took a break and watched some TV and slept whenever I could.  The season changes usually prompt long bouts of insomnia.  I’m not really sure why.   All I know is that my anxiety levels are as high as Willie Nelson on a Sunday afternoon.  

I’m trying hard to remain gluten free in an effort to reduce the inflammation in my body and skin but it’s making me irritable.   I want all the sweets and pizzas and battered things and why do I have the sudden urge to punch you in the tit?  I’m trying to eat things like fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds I want a donut and it’s not going well.   I guess the sugar withdrawal is making me even more for the love of God give me a cookie tired than usual.

In the past week I’ve written 3 pieces for the Higher Living Blog so at least I have been writing and I definitely haven’t been sitting around binge watching Horror movies and the last 2 seasons of Downton Abbey that I missed resentfully eating seeds instead of the pie I crave.  

Another exhilarating thing happening in my life is flea extermination.  Shout out to the neighbors’ ghetto-ass kitties for bringing the gift that keeps on giving to our 6 unit building.  My many bites are healing and the house and dog have never been cleaner.   The recent temperature, constant vacuuming and homemade flea treatment has just about eradicated the problem.

I’ve also spent some time researching blogging tips and tools and ways to improve my views.  Analyzing my posts made me arrive at the conclusion that people seem to respond better when I talk about personal things.

Here’s something personal.  I lick potato chips before I eat them.

To be honest, I have a lot of anxiety and am feeling a little depressed.  The cooler weather has made the pain worse, it’s harder to walk around now and my sleep is really off.   I feel fat and out of shape.   My clothes all feel tight and constricting.   My body is swollen and I feel ugly. 

I’m off to stand in front of the open refrigerator reminiscing about the good times…

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Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously,


7 thoughts on “Getting Personal…

  1. Mm I love licking potato chips !!!!
    I’m sorry the screen has been bothering you!
    We have been gluten/ sugar free for 9 months and the first month was the worst. I am pretty sure I hated every one that existed and everything out of their mouth i wanted to punch bc i really wanted a donut. Fortunatley that finally went away!!!! I was trying to get rid of yeast and inflammation. I hope it helps you!!!! Hope those headaches go away

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      1. I would have paid for a donut. What’s weird is after so long without it, i ate a cookie the other day and was so unimpressed ! I was like a crack addict with that sugar. I wanted it BAD for a long time. I think I was seriously addicted. Once that craving was gone though it was gone thankfully.

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      2. I was in a place not that long ago where I could pass up sweets.. I’ll get there again.. In the meantime, I’ve got one eye on the cupcake shop near me waiting for them to slip up lol


      3. Mmmmm cupcakes!!!!!as long as it is just one eye :). Actually I was wrong. It’s been almost a year. We tossed all the food in our pantry last thanksgiving of all days. So almost a year now. I wouldn’t mind a piece of pecan pie actually! I’d probably go into shock if I ate one!

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