Halifax Hauntings…

creepy girlYesterday I wrote about a creepy encounter I had at home.   A Ghost Sat on Me .  It received such a good response I thought I’d regale you with another haunted tale.

The year was 2006, it was fall and I was living on Tobin Street in Downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I had fallen asleep reading a book.  I woke up around 3 am and saw something.  To my right, in the small space between my bed and the wall my window was on, stood a little girl.  She looked to be between the ages of 6 and 8.  She had long stringy, dirty wet looking hair that clung to her dirty white nightgown.  She looked like she had been in a fire as she appeared charred with scars on one side of her face.

I was in shock.  Thinking surely I was just dreaming I was seeing this, I quickly pinched my arm while looking at her.  Ouch!  She was still there.  I reached out my right arm to touch her.  Her eyes met mine as she shook her head No.   It took me a second to get it out, but I screamed and she disappeared.  I told my roommate about it the following day.

Halifax Explosion
Chronicle Herald Headline

A big History nerd, I hit the archives to find out more about where I lived.  I discovered that during the Halifax Explosion, the land where my apartment building now stood once serviced military officials that helped in the search and recovery of bodies after the explosion.

I believe that little girl was a victim in that explosion.  her nightgown was the old cotton style they wore in the early 1900s.  They may have brought her back to the station where she most likely died.  I’m not sure why she reached out to me, maybe I seemed friendly, maybe she liked my cat at the edge of the bed.  At the time, I was obviously frightened but now, I feel honored that she felt safe enough with me to show herself to me.

Halifax Explosion
Halifax Explosion Aftermath

I also lived in one of 3 high rises that border Barrington Street in downtown Halifax.  That was directly in the original blast zone of the 1917 explosion that leveled parts of Halifax.  That apartment unnerved me.  It was common for the bathroom light to turn itself on and the bathroom faucet to start running in the middle of the night.  Another curious thing that frequently occurred was one of our cats, (Kaizer) would hop up on the key table in our front entrance and sit there with his tail swinging while he chirped at the ceiling.  He did this every night.  I never felt comfortable in the living room or bedroom.  We hung out in the spare room which was converted in to a record/bar room.  I couldn’t wait to leave that place.  I was there less than a year.


Do you have any ghost stories?


Live Humbly, Be Scared, Live Cautiously,




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