For the Birds…

Typical Sunday here in Saint John.  It’s cold and windy and grey.  I started my morning hobbling out of bed.  Didn’t sleep well last night with back, neck and wrist pain.  My legs begun to throb around 4 am.  I took Lucy out for her morning pee and poops.  It’s sweater weather so I put on her pink and brown argyle.  If you’ve never seen a mini dachshund in an argyle sweater, you just aren’t living life. 

I sprained my wrist two weeks ago and tore some ligaments.  It’s healing but it’s a painful process.  I wasn’t able to blog much last week.  I can’t really type well, more like keyboard pecking and my wrist aches the entire time.  I managed to get in a blog post for the cannabis blog I write but only at the last minute and I needed help from my partner.

Enjoying some fresh coffee with “C” this morning and I got to feed some pigeons.  Yes, a little known fact about me is that I love pigeons.  I love the way they walk, I love the purple and gold and silver shiny splashes of color on their velvety plump little bodies.  I also find the sound of their cooing comforting.  Sure, I may not be the most popular broad on the block when I’m out there in there in my jim jams on the sidewalk crumbling crackers for the masses of swarming pigeons.  Ask me if I give a shit though.  I’ve only fed them a handful of times over the past 2 years so I don’t think that will do any harm.    For a couple of brief moments I get to enjoy an urban glimpse of nature in its gritty glorious form.  There must have been close to 30 pigeons at my feet vying for the biggest chunks of crackers, trusting me while I stood only inches away all cooing away in delight.  Shit like that makes me smile. 

For the Birds
Me, over a year ago, feeding the pigeons.

I love animals.  I love nature.  I don’t get to enjoy it as much as I used to.  We don’t have a vehicle so we’re pretty much limited to Uptown Saint John, but I understand and hear legends that New Brunswick is quite beautiful.

The Blog Broad Pigeons
Just a few, but I became quite enamoured with the white one. I called her

The Blog Broad Midge the Pidge
Midge the Pidge.

I’m going to catch up with my favorite bloggers today, doing laundry, while indulging in a Peep Show marathon.  It’s fleece and throw blanket weather.  We have the space heater on and my love put on a fresh pot of coffee and bacon.  Grateful for these weekend favorites.  Grateful for the birds today.

How was everyone’s weekend?  Do you feed local animals or am I just a crazy ol’ Broad?

Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously,


11 thoughts on “For the Birds…

  1. In the south of England, we also call them rats with wings ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I am not allowed to encourage birds into my garden. My son really wanted a bird table, till he found out that our cats are hunters and will kill anything. Birds, mice, squirrels and then try and bring them into him.

    Hope your wrist feels better

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    1. LOL ๐Ÿ˜‚ Thank you! As a long time Coronation Street viewer, (not sure if you watch- probably not as most of my UK friends don’t seem to) but long time character Jack Duckworth, had an impressive pigeon hutch, to which I aspire to… Someday… Someday.. lol

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