Find Your Niche They Said, It’ll be Good They Said

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I’ve been blogging for 5 years now.  This is actually my fifth blog.  I wrote under a pseudonym for the first 4 years (Sparky Lee Anderson);  I also wrote a blog called The Canine Companion that was about dog health and training.  I then ventured off in to Blogger to create a blog about living with ME/CFS called My Life in Fog Goggles and I begun an additional blog called My Whovian Take solely about Doctor Who.  I guess you can say I was trying to find my niche.

Finding my niche has been my greatest struggle.  I see so many women doing Travel, Beauty and Lifestyle blogs and that’s just not me.  I mean, I wear make up sometimes, but I’m poor so frugality is a big thing in my life.  I know nothing about new make up trends, Sephora, or $100 serums.  I’m here in my closet sized bathroom slathering St. Ives and Clean & Clear on my aging, acne prone face.  I still use baby powder after my showers and I buy whatever lotion happens to be on sale that week.  I don’t even buy women’s razors.  I refuse to spend more money for a pink handle.  Fuck that noise.  So as you can see, a Beauty blogger I am not.

I don’t think anyone is interested in my travels seeing how as I mainly only travel from the bed to the couch to the bathroom, with periodic jaunts outside in my Pajama pants to take my dog out for her pees.  Every so often I walk up to the corner store for a Diet Coke.  Sure, it’s all first class travel; because I said so, I’m wearing my good Chucks, my dog is dressed in her finest jacket and I’m drinking a whole can of Diet Coke, not half a can in a plastic cup with airplane ice cubes in it.  I also insist on carrying hot towels with me at all times and a sleeping mask should the mood catch me.  If I wrote a book about Travel it would be called, “I don’t have to put a bra on do I?”.  I’d probably only sell a few copies to other women who hate bras.  It wouldn’t be a fruitful venture.

That brings us to Lifestyle.  Well, if your lifestyle includes things like eating peanut butter with a spoon out of the jar at 1 am over the kitchen sink, or house cleaning in your underwear, maybe I’m on to something.  I could write about the dinner parties I throw.  Ok so it’s not so much as a dinner party as it is Supper for two people.  I could write about my Clubbing adventures.  Sure, it was the nineties and we danced to C&C Music Factory while downing $1 watered down beverages and I haven’t stepped foot in to a club since Clinton was in office but hey.  Maybe I could write about things like Home Decor.  I can do amazing things with TARDISs and old movie posters.  Do you like Christmas lights year round?  Functional furniture that doesn’t match?  Let me be your Ghetto Martha Stewart.  I can show you how to fold take out napkins into little squares that fit discreetly in your purse in case you ever need to pee roadside.  I can offer you a hundred ways to use Baking Soda.  I can reveal secrets like; Did you know you can do laundry at least once or twice without soap thanks to the soap residue and build up in your washing machine?  No?  You’re welcome.  I just saved you $3.  Perhaps I’m on to something.

I don’t know if I will ever fit in to a niche any more than I fit in to my skinny jeans.  I’ve always been kind of an outside the box kinda broad. 

Are you a niche blogger or do you have a theme you tend to write about?  Share your links below, I’d love to learn more.

Are you one of these people that put eyelashes on your car’s headlights?  If so, please remove them, they look ridiculous.  This statement really has nothing to do with this post, but I just saw one drive by and had to voice my opinion.

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Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously, Shag it,


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27 thoughts on “Find Your Niche They Said, It’ll be Good They Said

  1. This right here is your niche. I, for one, do not follow any travel or beauty or lifestyle blogs. That could be because I’m ugly, stationary and devoid of style, but I prefer to think it’s because pages like yours are far more entertaining.

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  2. I am very much like you, don’t do fashion, make up and due to anxiety the furthest I go, most the time, is half a mile from my house, which even if I go in every direction doesn’t give you much. I suppose I mainly blog about my mental health but because I am more than that I like to throw other things in there, like my pets and my son. On occassion my partner gets a mention.

    I do however follow some beauty blogs and travel ones as well. I like living through other people at times and seeing some of the amazing photos that the travel blogs do is amazing and for anyone that has even a small skill of how to do make up I think is very clever.


  3. You don’t need a niche! I find that I prefer blogs that come from the heart. Or the brain. Whichever. We now live in a time where people are so fake. Those lifestyle blogs must be draining to run. Heck, running my blogs is tiring and I have absolutely nothing in order (maybe I should work on that).

    Great post! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  4. I guess I’m still working on my “niche”. I have written books, not best sellers, but I think they are good, and something I wanted to say. I was working on my MFA in Illustration, until I fell and REALLY broke my wrist earlier this year, putting my MFA in a holding pattern. I had a blog about writing, that I haven’t touched in years, and when I thought blogging might be what I needed to do to get me back in the writing habit (still having difficulty drawing) after nine months of semi-recuperation, what came to mind was not like anything I have put forth before, as I usually write Sci-Fi and Fantasy, not about feeling and God. Sometimes you just have to go where your heart tells you.

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  5. Your niche is being my next-door neighbor, or at least nearby. I could honestly see us being friends. My wife would think you are great, I already do.

    But before you move to or even visit the USA, please wait until asshole Trump is out of office. The USA is a real crappy place to visit right now.

    Love your blog, your niche is right here, you’ve found it. Don’t change a thing.

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  6. I tend to write what I like to read. I enjoy reading humorous non-fiction. I used to read a lot of fiction when I was younger, but I find it difficult to really get into fiction anymore. I’ve been thinking about maybe trying to write something fictional, but it always seems so constructed and phony. My favorite part of your piece is to call you the “Ghetto Martha Stewart.” Bahahahhaha…. Don’t forget, though, that bitch has been to prison. So she’s more ghetto than you! Least favorite part is the fact that my comment now falls below the guy who wants to read something that will totally make him hard.

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