Holy Sh*tballs 

The Blog Broad is busy.  After completing several interviews for the cannabis blog I write, I recieved an email from a company regarding an upcoming sponsored blog post.  Imagine my excitement at earning money from my blog.  This is what we all strive for whether we admit it or not from the moment we first set up our sites.

The Blog Broad
Happy Blog Broad! 😄

I’ve been working on that piece all day and reviewing my notes for the cannabis blog I publish Saturdays.

What great feeling.  I put a lot of work in to my blogs and social media.  More than I ever have.  So grateful it’s paying off.  

I’ve been walking around with a stupid smile on my face today.  

It’s a start.

In the meantime I’m still pecking away with a sprained hand and wrist.  It’s really painful but I’m pushing through it.  Not sure it’s a wise idea but I don’t have a choice.  These blogs won’t write themselves.  I looked into some speech to text apps but they’re not great.  Tedious really.  I can only get the free ones, the paid apps are probably better.

We had some flurries today in Saint John, NB.  It’s been bitterly cold and windy.  Ugh.  It begins.  The layers, the lace up boots, the hats, the cursing, the countdown to Spring.  Fuck winter.  Fuck it all.  You can take your minus temperatures and frigid winds and shove them up your igloo.  Not interested. 

Thank God there’s wine.

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Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously,


7 thoughts on “Holy Sh*tballs 

    1. I have a prescription for it abd I’m in Canada.. our Legalization is right around the corner but it’s a load of crap and no one is happy.. well.. except the government of course lol It is fantastic medicine as a chronic pain sufferer. My life would be much more depressing without it.


      1. I had a prescription when I lived in Colorado. I have neuropathic pain from a motorcycle accident long before I got ME/CFS so I know what it can do.


  1. Congratulations! That’s awesome. I don’t even know you and I’m excited. I don’t have eyelashes on my headlights but, to the contrary, I think everyone should have eyelashes on their headlights. Not the tail lights, though. That would be weird.

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