Old Hag Hands and This Week’s News

This is the sickest I’ve been from a demon cold/flu in a couple of years.  I’ve really wanted to die be present online this past week and a half but I’ve been bouncing from fever to sleep, complete with weird fever dreams that I wake up from yelling and/or cursing accordingly.  To blowing my nose until it bleeds and I see stars, to coughing my ass off.  I’m hearing rumors that people are taking as long as 3 weeks to feel better from this one.  Kill me.  All I want is ice cream to feel better and get back to not mouth breathing blogging regularly.

I can't breath

To make matters worse, my wrist/hand is still not healed.  It aches like a motherf** the dickens.  Trying to do things I normally do like type, use a mouse, do dishes, laundry, sarcastically comment on random Facebook posts and jazz hands, leaves my hand throbbing and claw like, like a wrinkled evil old hag.


Evil old hag hands

I have in addition been visited by the crimson fairy of womanhood.  Fantastic.  So not only am I battling fevers, sickness and pain in addition to the ever present, everyday pain of ME/CFS, I now get to feel sad and fat about it.  So depressed.

PMS crying eating

I’ve been fairly absent on social media.  Sharing the odd dog gif or video.  Dogs always make me smile.  No matter what’s going on.  Their happy little faces, wagging tails and pure little souls always cheer me up.  This was this week’s personal favorite I came across on Facebook.

I haven’t really had the energy or the focus to delve much further than that.  I don’t feel like chatting.  I don’t want to hear what Trump did or didn’t do this week.  I don’t care how sports did.  I have no idea what happened in news but if I had to guess I bet it looks something like this;

someone experienced an injustice

someone got caught up in a scandal

that actor you like is a pedo

something big happened in that trial you’re following

environmental disaster

more murder

something happened with/we learned something from/about animals

I don’t know.  I’m just bitchy and don’t need to read about shit I can’t do anything about right now.  God Bless.  Good luck.  My apologies.

I’m trying to set up tomorrow’s cannabis blog.  Thank God I had 2 stories up my sleeve so I didn’t really have to interview anyone.  I’m catching up with this week’s Coronation Street episodes and my favorite Doctor Who episodes in honor of its 54 year birthday.  I’ll probably be awake until the wee hours of morn getting it all set up.
Probably just as well because my poor “C” is getting this bug now and she can probably use some uninterrupted sleep.  I’m coughing a lot and sniffling in addition to my standard pain grunts and CFS yawns.  Poor dear.

I may need more hot chocolate.

Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously,





I can’t breath through my nose  Tumblr.com tagged/flu-gifs

Old hag  i.ytimg.com /and on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKpu81vZPc4

Cry eating gif  http://37.media.tumblr.com

Dog Dives into Really Muddy Pond  Facebook/ UNILAD


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