How Do I Go .com?

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Help a Broad?
After blogging for 5 years and developing this site and The Blog Broad, I really want to go .com.  Limited resources have prevented me from doing so thus far but I’m hoping I can do that soon.  I am confused though.

A lot of my blogger pals are .coms so I thought I’d put out a few questions if anyone can answer these for me I’d really appreciate it.

Do I just “upgrade” my WordPress account?  And if I do so, is my writing MY property or is it owned by WordPress?  

I’ve heard that you should back up your site?  What does that even mean?  Back it up to where?  What?

Do all my posts automatically carry over to the upgraded site?  

I see things like Blue Host and I’ve tried to read and watch videos about it but.. I don’t understand why I need that?  Can anyone clarify this shit for me?

What’s the advantage of going to an outside host?  Is it just cost?

What’s the simplest way for me to get a .com AND access to new themes and fonts to make my site more visually appealing?

How much do YOU pay annually for your  I’m Canadian so, include where you’re from so I can convert.  (It’s usually double plus a poutine)

I’ve watched several videos on changing hosts, using WordPress etc, but I need someone to break it down like I’m a novice because I have a 43 year old ME/CFS brain and a lot of these tutorials are hosted by seemingly scientists and wizards.  Any recommendations?

Can you recommend any other reading/viewing material that I might find helpful, useful or humorous?  (I could use a chuckle)

I want it to be a clear, simple transition and I want to do it right.  I want to be able to take advantage of the SEO plugin thingy as well.  That seems to be a buzzword going around.  Do you use that?  Does it cost extra? 

I thank you for your time, comments and suggestions


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13 thoughts on “How Do I Go .com?

  1. I started with the free level, but quickly ran out of storage, so I upgraded to the premium package. It’s about $9/month if I remember correctly. Not sure about new fonts and such, as I kept everything the same. All my previous posts remained as is and I literally had to do nothing more than upgrade and pay the fee. As for my material being my property, yes, as far as I know, I own the rights to my posts. I’m in the US, by the way. Not sure how much any of that helped. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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  2. if you’re using the free version of wordpress, you have a couple of options: you can remain on the free version but purchase your own domain. this means wordpress will continue to host your blog for free, you’ll just have to pay to renew your .com domain annually.

    or, you can switch to the paid version of wordpress, which includes more customization features (if you know CSS) and more themes to choose from, but you have to find outside hosting (which you will have to pay for). i use bluehost as my hosting service, and the transfer was pretty simple. if you’re willing to pay a little extra, bluehost will take care of the entire transfer for you. for my bluehost hosting i pay about $5 (USD) per month. there may also be some initial fees for setting up an account and purchasing a domain. i can look into exactly what i paid later today, if you’d like.

    you should always back up your posts, but wordpress should have a plugin for that, and whatever hosting company you use may provide it as well.

    i started my blog using the first option above (hosting with wordpress for free but bought my domain), then switched to the above option last year because i wanted to be able to make come changes to the CSS. honestly, the first option worked fine if you’re not interested in customization.

    i’m happy to answer any questions, or even help in the process. feel free to email me at

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  3. I just started over when I moved to and even bought a new domain. Both my initial blog, (I could pick my own suffix so I went with .org) and the current one, are hosted by SiteGuard. I was operating in overwhelm when I did two sites. My brain just couldn’t handle the instructions to move the site. Plus, I didn’t have that many blogs to move. I cut and pasted them into the new blog. There’s a certain amount of arcane and even hidden instructions you have to know about if you want to do it yourself. If I recall correctly, SiteGround will, or maybe it was WP, install the entire thing for you–for a price.

    I was in computer hell for the past couple of days. Read my most recent blog post- where I vent. ๐Ÿ™‚ This damn disease has shot holes in my once magnificent brain. I used to be a go-to for tech issues and was a system admin at an agency where I worked. But that was a Mac system almost 30 years ago and a lot has changed–specifically my ability to read and comprehend what I’m reading! I’m certain you know what I mean.

    If you decide to move over to the .org side, I would love it if we could share experiences. I’m still learning a lot and have signed up for free advice from bloggers who specialize in getting people blogging, like and However, they just suggest the way to do what I want to do or suggest things that I should do, like SEO optimization.

    For example, I just added keywords to my blog address and then I got a message saying I needed to update my .htaccess file. WTF!!!! Nothing about updating the .htaccess file was mentioned when I saw the WP video about changing the URL. Now I have to figure out what a .htaccess file is, where it is, and how to update it. This is almost as bad as trying to find the cPanel. ๐Ÿ˜€

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