My original blog is located here (SparkyLeegeeks Blog)

I am entering a new phase of life and wanted to start fresh with The Blog Broad.  This is who I am now.  Deal.

What You Can Expect From this Blog

The occasional chuckle

Useful advice

Unprompted wisdom

Flowery sarcasm

Quips about life

Insight in to a variety of topics

A coupon for $20 at Outback Steakhouse

What NOT to Expect From this Blog

Tips about things I have no knowledge in i.e  ‘What it’s like to be a gymnast’  I have never been a gymnast at any point in my life

Sappy Poetry; although please expect and accept humorous poetry


Mommy Stuff.  I am not a mom.  I do have a small dog however.

Fashion Advice.  I don’t give a fuck what you wear.  I barely give a fuck what I wear.

That $20 coupon from Outback Steakhouse


Thank you for stopping by.

Please be kind.

I am just one broad.