Mental Illness: A Cancer

Struggling with depression, anxiety or other medical conditions that make it difficult for you to work? Read a teacher’s take on OhWords…

OH Words

So it’s 4:39 am. I am awake. I’ve been awake since 3:50 am. So I thought… maybe I’ll write something. My good buddy, Sam, said to me, you haven’t been blogging lately. What’s up? Nothing is up. Everything is down.

You see I haven’t been writing because I haven’t been feeling the greatest. My anxiety and PNES has swallowed me up like a person trapped in a cove when the high tides of the Bay of Fundy come roaring in. I’m off work again because people have suggested to me that I should be. I didn’t want to leave my classroom. I love teaching; it is who I am. It was a difficult decision to take time off. The worst of it the fear of judgement. I have left the small town I live in and am staying with family in another city. Being in a small town and appearing…

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David, 35

My latest piece on the Higher Living Wellness Inc. Blog
David, 35

Higher Living Wellness Centre Inc.

spinal fusionWhat began as a High School sports injury has left David almost completely incapacitated.He was participating in gymnastics and while making a run for the spring board, his spotters walked away leaving David alone.

He missed.

He landed head-down with all of his bodyweight on his neck; the injury caused two tears – one in his spinal cord and one in his brainstem.
Now 35 years old, David moved from his hometown in the Barrington Passage area to Kentville, Nova Scotia : “to be closer to medical services”.
David has had more than 20 surgeries and fusions, although he admits that he has really lost count.
There was the leg amputation in 2010- a combination of spinal fluid build up and spine compression from being relegated to a wheelchair caused the circulation to be cut off in his leg. It also caused the infection that cost him his…

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Dave, 37

I present my new writing project, the Higher Living Wellness Centre Inc. Blog/ Patient Stories.

Higher Living Wellness Centre Inc.

medical marijuanaOpiates nearly killed Dave, 37 from Dartmouth Nova Scotia.  What began as a shoulder injury left him struggling for his life back in 2009.  Dave, a Criminology Student was experiencing pain from a shoulder injury.  He sought relief through the traditional pain resources like physiotherapy and when that no longer worked, he was referred to a pain clinic.  He was originally hoping for some cortisone shots.  Upon learning he was allergic to a freezing agent in the compound, the doctor prescribed opiates for the pain.  Morphine to be exact.  Over time, the doctor had increased his dose to 120 mg of morphine twice daily and on one fateful day, Dave overdosed.  Keep in mind this was prescribed and he maintained a regular dose schedule.  It was too much for his body and at barely 30, he suffered a stroke.  Dave was a larger man so when he fell from his…

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Wowsers! A Liebster Award!

OH Words response to the Liebster Award nomination from Ocean Hayward 🙂

OH Words

Thank you, my dear friend, The Blog Broad, for nominating me for a Liebster Award. I have known Sam for a long time and we share many of the same interests: window shopping, board games, a love of humor, acting, reading (especially Stephen King) and, of course, writing. For as long as I’ve known Sam, she has been a creative and gifted writer. In fact, a little known fact about Sam is that the creator of the Trailer Park Boys, Mike Clattenburg, is actually her cousin.

Sam’s blog, The Blog Broad, uses humor to talk about many of the issues and struggles she has dealt with using humor. She has chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Even though she deals with all of these health problems, she still manages to keep a positive mindset. The Blog Broad is also one resilient lady…

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I am a teacher.

Being a teacher is a lot of hard work. Don’t be fooled by summers off… Check out Ocean Hayword’s take on teaching 😊

OH Words

I’m a teacher.

It’s a phrase that sometimes makes me proud and sometimes makes me want to keep as a secret. Of course, I live in a small town, so I can’t go anywhere without being recognized. When I go grocery shopping, to the drug store, for a coffee, to the movies, you name it, there is always multiple people who will call out my name. I can tell when I taught them by whether they call me Mrs. Hayward or by my maiden name. Some of them get so excited as if they are experiencing a celebrity sighting. It’s like they don’t realize that teachers are people too. No, I don’t live at the school and yes, I do have shits and have to buy toilet paper.

So when I’m home I can’t go unnoticed. I have tried, of course. Sometimes if I’m feeling lazy or sick, I’ll put…

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NOW/ NOT NOW- A Journey through time with the ADHD mind

If you’ve enjoyed the guest blog posts by Ocean Hayward, head on over to her brand new blog and show her some love 😊

OH Words

My whole life has been a disorganized mess, literally, as my mother would tell you while pulling her hairs out examining my pig sty of a bedroom. Actually, it was worse than a pig sty. Ever watch the show “Hoarders”? It was kind of like that. It’s because I have difficulty in thinking about the past and future and putting those time frames in reference with the here and now. I really do live in the present everyday which is prescribed by many inspirational quotes found on mugs, in picture frames, fridge magnets, key chains and other knickknacks: “Live in the moment. Forget the past and don’t worry about the future.” Sure, it sounds great in theory. But when your mind is constantly in the present all of the time, chaos ensues. I know this, because my mind works in only two modes: “Now” and “Not now” and it always…

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