If Creativity is a Drug, it’s Probably Like Crystal Meth…

no healthier drug than creativityMy friend shared this on Facebook today.  I couldn’t agree more.  That being said, if creativity is a drug, it’s probably most like crystal meth.  I mean, I’ve never tried crystal meth (never would) but I watch A&E’s Intervention and have seen the movie Spun a couple of times.

Creativity is probably one of my favorite drugs, next to cannabis and antihistamines.  (I do love to breath out of both nose holes). When I get on a creative roll, whether it be with art or crafts or writing, I am virtually unreachable.   I didn’t hear what you just said because I’m editing my next piece in my head while you’re talking.  I find it difficult to sit still.  I’m constantly reaching for my notepad to jot down ideas and funny observances hoping to insert it later in a witty blog post.  When I can’t look at the screen anymore because my eyes are going crossed and my head hurts, I pick up my knitting or one of my coloring books.  Because, I must always be creating something.

Take right now for example.  It’s 4:10 am.  “C” is snoring away, rattling the windows, sawing enough wood to build a small village.  I am here.  Listening to my favorite YouTube narrator weaving his creepy Reddit tales that normally send me off to sleep; instead, I’m laying wide awake thinking about the things I want to write.

Most recently, my friend, that I write a cannabis blog for, approached me about putting together a radio show.  My friend owns her own business in the cannabis industry and literally has her hands in everything.  She used to sell mortgages, is a Registered Massage Therapist, an Activist, puts together Expos and festivals, has a bunch of dogs, helps the poor, and most recently, she’s sponsoring an internet radio station in addition to the blog.  I joke, but she’s a keen business woman.  I have been talking about doing a podcast with my fiancee for a while so the opportunity (kick in the pants) finally arrived.

C” recently lost her job.  She works in radio.  Terrestrial radio.  She was the co-host of a popular morning show in our city, and, as often happens in radio, her job was terminated.  It has been stressful.  We are looking at moving provinces again so we have to slowly pack up our lives from the last two and a half years while she searches for new employment.  We almost had it solved with a job back home in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but that deal fell through so we ended up cancelling that move.

Superman and KryptoniteStress is like the kryptonite of my creativity.  It blocks it.  This is part of the reason why I have been absent from my blog more than I’d like.  I’m also still dealing with the pain of a slowly healing broken wrist and hand, but stress has been the hardest.  It’s like withdrawing from opiates.  My flowing creativity is like heroin and after going balls out for four months, I have finally run out.

For close to a month, I couldn’t think of anything to write and it drove me nuts.  My appetite went down, I couldn’t sleep.  All I did was watch Netflix and knit.  I knitted like never before.  I knitted 5 things.  5 of the same things.

Just when I thought I was doomed to just sit through all the turds on Netflix.  “I may as well watch Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.  I don’t have anything else going on.”  And for the record, that, Ladies and Gentlemen, IS a turd of a show.   My buddy approached me about the radio show.

Little does she know, she basically just handed me a big ol’ 8 Ball and left me to my own devices.  I’ve been partying hard on creativity the past few days prepping our first show.  Who didn’t play Radio DJ as a kid?  I had many cassette tapes filled with mine and my friends’ pre-pubescent voices introducing our favorite songs and making up commercials on the fly.  I have more things to learn before we go live, mostly the technical aspect as well as editing and such but I’m a fast learner.

I am so excited and scared and nervous that SURPRISE!  I can’t sleep.

This helps.  Finally writing a blog post helps.  Now I should be able to climb back in to bed, even with “C” steadily honking away, pop my headphones in and sneak in an episode of The Sasquatch Chronicles podcast.  Don’t you dare judge me.  I have an inquiring mind and the stories are riveting.

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Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously,



Kryptonite to Superman  https://kugelmass.wordpress.com/2013/05/29/why-does-kryptonite-hurt-superman/






Holy Sh*tballs 

The Blog Broad is busy.  After completing several interviews for the cannabis blog I write, I recieved an email from a company regarding an upcoming sponsored blog post.  Imagine my excitement at earning money from my blog.  This is what we all strive for whether we admit it or not from the moment we first set up our sites.

The Blog Broad
Happy Blog Broad! 😄

I’ve been working on that piece all day and reviewing my notes for the cannabis blog I publish Saturdays.

What great feeling.  I put a lot of work in to my blogs and social media.  More than I ever have.  So grateful it’s paying off.  

I’ve been walking around with a stupid smile on my face today.  

It’s a start.

In the meantime I’m still pecking away with a sprained hand and wrist.  It’s really painful but I’m pushing through it.  Not sure it’s a wise idea but I don’t have a choice.  These blogs won’t write themselves.  I looked into some speech to text apps but they’re not great.  Tedious really.  I can only get the free ones, the paid apps are probably better.

We had some flurries today in Saint John, NB.  It’s been bitterly cold and windy.  Ugh.  It begins.  The layers, the lace up boots, the hats, the cursing, the countdown to Spring.  Fuck winter.  Fuck it all.  You can take your minus temperatures and frigid winds and shove them up your igloo.  Not interested. 

Thank God there’s wine.

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Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously,


Find Your Niche They Said, It’ll be Good They Said

Blogging image
I’ve been blogging for 5 years now.  This is actually my fifth blog.  I wrote under a pseudonym for the first 4 years (Sparky Lee Anderson);  I also wrote a blog called The Canine Companion that was about dog health and training.  I then ventured off in to Blogger to create a blog about living with ME/CFS called My Life in Fog Goggles and I begun an additional blog called My Whovian Take solely about Doctor Who.  I guess you can say I was trying to find my niche.

Finding my niche has been my greatest struggle.  I see so many women doing Travel, Beauty and Lifestyle blogs and that’s just not me.  I mean, I wear make up sometimes, but I’m poor so frugality is a big thing in my life.  I know nothing about new make up trends, Sephora, or $100 serums.  I’m here in my closet sized bathroom slathering St. Ives and Clean & Clear on my aging, acne prone face.  I still use baby powder after my showers and I buy whatever lotion happens to be on sale that week.  I don’t even buy women’s razors.  I refuse to spend more money for a pink handle.  Fuck that noise.  So as you can see, a Beauty blogger I am not.

I don’t think anyone is interested in my travels seeing how as I mainly only travel from the bed to the couch to the bathroom, with periodic jaunts outside in my Pajama pants to take my dog out for her pees.  Every so often I walk up to the corner store for a Diet Coke.  Sure, it’s all first class travel; because I said so, I’m wearing my good Chucks, my dog is dressed in her finest jacket and I’m drinking a whole can of Diet Coke, not half a can in a plastic cup with airplane ice cubes in it.  I also insist on carrying hot towels with me at all times and a sleeping mask should the mood catch me.  If I wrote a book about Travel it would be called, “I don’t have to put a bra on do I?”.  I’d probably only sell a few copies to other women who hate bras.  It wouldn’t be a fruitful venture.

That brings us to Lifestyle.  Well, if your lifestyle includes things like eating peanut butter with a spoon out of the jar at 1 am over the kitchen sink, or house cleaning in your underwear, maybe I’m on to something.  I could write about the dinner parties I throw.  Ok so it’s not so much as a dinner party as it is Supper for two people.  I could write about my Clubbing adventures.  Sure, it was the nineties and we danced to C&C Music Factory while downing $1 watered down beverages and I haven’t stepped foot in to a club since Clinton was in office but hey.  Maybe I could write about things like Home Decor.  I can do amazing things with TARDISs and old movie posters.  Do you like Christmas lights year round?  Functional furniture that doesn’t match?  Let me be your Ghetto Martha Stewart.  I can show you how to fold take out napkins into little squares that fit discreetly in your purse in case you ever need to pee roadside.  I can offer you a hundred ways to use Baking Soda.  I can reveal secrets like; Did you know you can do laundry at least once or twice without soap thanks to the soap residue and build up in your washing machine?  No?  You’re welcome.  I just saved you $3.  Perhaps I’m on to something.

I don’t know if I will ever fit in to a niche any more than I fit in to my skinny jeans.  I’ve always been kind of an outside the box kinda broad. 

Are you a niche blogger or do you have a theme you tend to write about?  Share your links below, I’d love to learn more.

Are you one of these people that put eyelashes on your car’s headlights?  If so, please remove them, they look ridiculous.  This statement really has nothing to do with this post, but I just saw one drive by and had to voice my opinion.

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Image courtesy of Pixabay

Just a Broad

The Blog Broad Blog

When did you start blogging/why?

I started blogging 5 years ago with the encouragement of friends, under a pen name- Sparky Lee Anderson.  I chose a pen name because if my blog was terrible I guess it would never be attached to my name and no one in my family and no one I went to school with would know I failed as a writer.  I came up with the name as I was “sparking” a doobie one night while watching X Files.  Having had a crush on Gillian Anderson who portrays Dana Scully since the show began, I went with Anderson.

I was published in 2014 in a Horror Anthology titled The Horror Addict’s Guide to Life.  I wrote a non-fiction piece titled, The Horror Addict’s Guide to Good Health.  I was proud of myself.  I worked hard at it and my submission was accepted and I would finally see my name in print.  Well, not exactly, my pen name was in print, and no one really cared that I got published.

Earlier this year I decided I wanted to change how I write.  Lose the pen name and write as myself.  I came up with a new blog title which I thought really encapsulated who I was as a writer.  Stephen King I am not (although he is and always will be my biggest idol.  Ever.  In the universe.).  I am however, just a broad (my Facebook profile states just that- Just a Broad) and I blog about a variety of topics; barring Beauty and Lifestyle – there are plenty of people that blog about that.  The Blog Broad was born.

But why don’t you blog about beauty or lifestyle?

I am broke.

I am 43

I have never left Canada

I”m a lesbian

I’m usually in sweatpants or jammies

I have bigger things to think about than the right shade of concealer or “maximum coverage” whatever that is.  Isn’t that just a bag over your head?  There.  There’s your maximum coverage.

*if you are reading this and you’re a beauty or lifestyle blogger, my apologies.  Your make up and/or trips look great and/or intriguing.  Thank you for reading.


So what do you write about?

Well, I write about what it’s like being in a lesbian relationship like in The Mysteries of the Lesbian Relationship Revealed  or in Things I Do That Drive My Partner Crazy .

I also write about my feelings for my narcissistic parents.  Like in I Can’t Throw it Away, These Things are Valuable to Some People

I get annoyed with technology a lot.  I write about that too, in I’m Drowning in Notifications I rant about having to be notified for everything you do online.  If you’re a subscriber for example, you were notified when I published this piece.

I write frequently about dealing with my many health issues, like PTSD, ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia, Depression, Anxiety and chronic pain.  Sometimes I write humorous posts because honestly, my humor is all I have left that’s still in tact.

I even write about weird things that happen to me.  Like in A Ghost Sat on Me, I write about some paranormal experiences I’ve had here in Saint John, New Brunswick Canada

I try to be encouraging, supportive and respectful to other bloggers.  There’s enough nastiness in the world and not enough kindness.


So, what’s the point of your blog?

It’s for me first of all.  It helps, flushing out your feelings on to the keyboard, sending it out in to cyberspace even if no one reads is cathartic and therapeutic.  I like to make people laugh and smile, so if I can do that to one person a day…   In addition, if there’s one more depressed lesbian out there suffering with PTSD and chronic pain well then, maybe this blog is for you and maybe we can exchange emails.

What is your endgame Sam?

Boy, I’m glad I asked.  Eventually, I would like to publish books.  Books I have written just to be clear.  Preferably non fiction, something humorous and relatable to others.  I’d like to publish a book of my poetry as well as a book of short stories.  This is my goal.

The act of blogging regularly helps enforce consistency and setting writing schedules prepares me for a career in writing which is what I want.  I’ve wanted it since I was 6 years old when I got my first typewriter.  I’m running out of time!

Tell me, why do you blog and what got you started?  Did you use a pen name?  What are your writing goals?


Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously,


Kick Ass Words to Live By

Wake Up Kick Ass.jpegFrom time to time, when I have trouble coming up with something witty or clever to say, I go on an internet hunt for inspiring quotes to keep me motivated.  I see other posts from people sharing meaningful quotes so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites.

I periodically just need to be reminded to keep persevering, that things take time, to let go of the things I cannot change or control.  To kick ass and be awesome.

Be Awesome
Be Awesome.  Kick Ass.

This one reminds me to just be myself and that I have value.  I have tried to earn money by doing things I love to do.  I have earned by painting, writing, dog sitting and working at a dog daycare.  No matter if I am watching someone’s pet or writing a quick blog post, I take it seriously and try to do my best.

Rules for Kicking Ass in Life
Know the Rules

If I do a job for someone, I always try to do more than what is expected.  I try not assume anything.  If I don’t try, I’ll never succeed and I try not to compare myself to anyone else.

Decide What’s Important to You

What’s important to me is my little family.  By my little family, I mean my partner, her family, my dog and the couple of close friends I have.  The other thing that’s important to me is having purpose.  Writing gives me purpose.  If I can make one person smile or laugh today, if I can be kind or provide support to my little family, then I feel like I have purpose.

We Must be Willing
We Must be Willing

I sometimes have to consciously try to let go of the past.  “Nope, don’t think about that, there’s no point in rehashing it, it won’t change.”  We cannot change the past, it is what it is.  I have learned and grown through pain and mistakes, it’s made me the woman I am today and I am ready for the life God has planned for me.

If You're Offered a Seat
Grab that seat!

Don’t over analyze opportunities.  Grab it while it’s there and take full advantage of it.  Regret is a shitty thing.  I also like rocket ships.

Do anything of these speak to you?  Let me know in the comments.

Visit my last post Getting Personal 

Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously,


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Obsessive Blogging and Too Much Caffeine…

The Blog Broad in Saint JohnToday was a day of scrambling.  I also write for a blog advocating medical marijuana for my friend’s shop.  For that blog, I interview patients of chronic pain, and other painful conditions that use cannabis as a means of medication and relief.  I get their stories either over the phone of via messenger then condense in to an article.  

I’ve been dealing with migraines the last few days that have left me feeling exhausted, nauseous and listless.  It took me a couple of days to finally finish my draft.  I was up until 2 am and back at it as soon as I woke up until about 1:30.  I then sent a copy to the interviewee to make sure I didn’t make any errors in her story.  After a couple of updates I finished.  That’s how it goes.  You finish writing, excitedly hit Publish then you realize you forgot something, or your photos aren’t spaced right, or you forgot to add a tag, or or or.   

One of my Besties is town so I quickly shared my piece all over Social Media, it’s like leaving a fart in a room then hurriedly walking away.   

I went for a drive with my buddy around Saint John and checked out some geographical beauties while we sipped our Pumpkin Spice Lattes and caught up.   I love it when she comes to town.  We’ve been friends since we were 13 standing outside our Junior High during a bomb threat.   Trauma bonds you.  Well not so much trauma as some kid who who was recently expelled or didn’t want to come to school or something ridiculous.  It was the 80s.  Not a lot of school violence at that time.  The most vicious thing that happened at our school was that you would get made fun of and shunned if you got caught wearing generic footwear.  If your parents bought your sneakers at KMart, you were in for one hell of a school year.

My headache is still looming.  Pretty sure I need new glasses and having my head down for hours at a time kills my neck.  I need to eat as well.  “C” tells me I get kinda crazy when I write a lot.  I often forget to eat because I’m so involved with what I’m doing.  I have a flow and have to keep it going as long as I can.  My sleep becomes erratic as well because all I can think about are things I want to write, or how I can improve my viewership, or change up my Social Media or or or.  Does anyone else get like this?  Maybe I’m some crazy genius trapped in a lumpy 43 year old’s body.  Maybe it’s just a writer thing.  Maybe I’ve had too much caffeine today.

Here.  Enjoy some photos of Saint John.

Saint John New Brunswick
Fall leaves and blue skies
Irving Pulp & Paper Mill
One view from Reversing Falls and the Irving Pulp & Paper Mill
Reversing Falls Irving Pulp and Paper
View of Reversing Falls Bridge
Uptown Saint John with Cruise Ship
A shot of Uptown Saint John w/ visiting Cruise Ship
Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously,


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Photos are my own

Recovery:  The Sand in My Underwear

Chronic Fatigue CFSAfter writing close to 5000 words between six posts, creating a new blog site for the Higher Living Wellness Centre, my friend’s shop in Nova Scotia, and dealing with a bum eye and blurry vision, I needed a rest.  I crashed Friday afternoon and slept off and on most of the weekend.  The fatigue was blinding and I was in a lot of pain.  No matter how successful I want to be and how hard I can work periodically, I still need recovery time.  

This weekend was about self care and recharging my batteries.   Hot showers/baths, Netflix with my love and walks with my dog.  Quiet time is an essential part of my recharging process.  During quiet time, I don’t check my messages, I leave my phone charging in the kitchen on silent, I don’t check my blog or Twitter.   The logic behind this social avoidance is that I may see something that triggers a blog post and I’m trying to rest.  I also have excessive social anxiety so disconnecting for a while allows me to take a breather; to disconnect from people’s energies. 

When I’m blogging, I get obsessive about it and I will often edit a post several times before posting it, then I’ll go back and update it a few more times changing words and correcting punctuation and grammar flaws.   After posting a blog it’s constant “stat” checking; checking notifications, responding to comments and reading other blog posts.  What begins with a 700 word post (after editing of course) becomes a 4 hour commitment that I have a hard time walking away from.  Nothing exhilarates me more than writing something I’m proud of that other people respond to.  It’s kind of addictive.  

ME/CFSLiving with chronic pain and CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) makes it difficult to give your all 100% of the time.   If I give my all to something one day, I can expect recovery time from it.  It’s like a 3:1 ratio.  For every day I spend busy and working, I’ll need 3 days to recover.  It’s a pain in the ass, the proverbial sand in my underwear.  

Calculating your recovery time becomes part of your inner daily dialogue when you have chronic pain and CFS.   A friend asks you to go for coffee and a walk: that equals 10 minutes of walking downhill, 15 uphill on the way back, walking around the city- another 20-30 minutes for a total of almost an hour walking.  It’s also damp outside which means you’ll need a hot shower when you get back to warm up to reduce the inflammation you feel in your spine and joints.  When you are able to fall asleep, because your legs and back are going to ache all night, you can expect to wake the next morning feeling like you’re walking through waist deep water.   That half hour or so you spent with your friend became an entire day of recovery time.   All this plays through your head while your friend is simply asking you, “Hey, you wanna go grab a coffee?” 

CFS is not just being tired.  It’s being pulverized by fatigue.  It pierces your bones, it wrinkles your soul.   You can’t think straight, you can’t form proper sentences, you wobble when you walk feeling like at any moment, you will drop to your knees and sleep for days.  After almost a decade of CFS, it never gets easier or less depressing.  When you know you could be so much more if only you didn’t feel so worn out, so exhausted and depleted all the time; if you didn’t have all the pain.

I still have laundry to do and I can barely move let alone hobble down to the rape basement with a hamper full of clothes.   I’ve been using Kratom for fatigue and it helps but I have to be careful because it has a tendency to make me over do it which means even more recovery time.


What’s your favorite way to recharge your batteries? 

Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously,



Woman with CFS http://images.emedicinehealth.com/images/slideshow/chronic-fatigue-syndrome-s1-woman-suffers-from-cfs-in-bed.jpg

“Fatigue is different …” https://i.pinimg.com/736x/e9/07/f5/e907f5a0dde5f840d733eadcbfc7d2b6–chronic-illness-chronic-pain.jpg

ME/CFS cycle http://www.drugfreedoctor.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/WhatIsMECFS_Venn1.jpg

New Fall Writing Project

Medical cannabisCannabis.  A personal favorite topic of mine.  I suffer with a few chronic pain conditions (Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Degenerative Disc Disease and Endometriosis) and after trying dozens of prescription medications that offered far more negative side effects than actual relief, I discovered cannabis through a friend of mine.  It worked.  It worked far better than the numerous pills- opiates, benzos, anxiety and sleeping medications, anti inflammatories, Gabapentin, Lyrica and high doses of antidepressants that were slowly killing me.  All I did was sleep.  I was dizzy with vertigo, nauseous and just numb.  At one point I even ballooned up to 260 pounds.  I was also starting to have problems with my liver.  I learned over time that the more cannabis I used, I didn’t need the Gabapentin, the Lyrica, the Amitriptyline,  the benzos and I was even able to reduce my dosage of antidepressants.  I laughed more.  I lost weight.  I enjoyed things more.  I hurt way less, I threw up less, I just felt better.  It took years for me to finally convince my doctor to prescribe it to me legally.  I brought her articles and Post Its with websites and video suggestions, my documented evidence that it indeed worked well for pain without all the side effects.  I have been pro cannabis (used responsibly) for many years.  

A couple of years ago, one of my best friends opened a dispensary in Nova Scotia and I have been a big proponent of hers since.  She helps patients who are dealing with cancer, long term illnesses and chronic pain disorders.  She believes that people have the right to alternative health care and the right to medicate with cannabis.  I tend to agree with her.  We are in the midst of a large scale opiate epidemic that is not only destroying lives, but destroying families and creating a large burden on our health care system.  That epidemic has some sinister roots all leading back to profits.  In all, opiates tend to be over prescribed. Positive features of cannabis

Although here in Canada, we are on the brink of Legalization of Marijuana, there are still many kinks to be worked out, policies to be devised, laws to be developed and bills to be passed.  In the meantime, patients are being left at the mercy of the large corporate Licensed Producers (LPs) who deal in mass quantities, at higher prices and in many cases, poorer quality.  There have even been mass recalls where toxic pesticides were discovered during random testing on crops that were advertised as organic.  These LPs deal in online sales predominantly.  I can’t help but wonder;

Annual Deaths MarijuanaWhat if you’re sick or elderly?  Maybe you can’t afford Internet or don’t have a computer or smartphone.  What if you’ve never tried cannabis and have questions about what strains would work best, or how you can expect to feel?  Maybe you want to try alternatives to smoking.  Maybe you’d prefer to ingest oils and edibles.  What about these people?  This is why the role of dispensaries should be considered a crucial part of Legalization.  To make sure people are being educated on what they are buying.  To make sure there are plenty of options to medicate that don’t include smoking.  To service people who can’t afford large quantities.  

These are the things my friend fights for and why I both support and admire her.  Recently we discussed starting a blog for her shop featuring patient stories so I’m happy to say that is my new job.  Tonight I interviewed my first patient and designed the blog site.  I’m hoping to have it finished and published no later than Friday.  I plan on sharing it once I’m finished and I really hope that some of you check it out if that’s something you are interested in.

Having a new (paid) project gives me a sense of purpose and a pep in my step.  I am really looking forward to doing to the best job I can for her to make it successful.  I am very grateful for the opportunity.


Have you tried cannabis?  What’s your story?


Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously,





One of the many exceptional features of cannabis is… https://illegallyhealed.com/millions-of-cannabis-patients-are-frustrating-jerry-are-you-one-of-them/

Annual Deaths  http://medicalcannabiscultivation.com/medical-marijuana-pain-relief/

“Medical Marijuana”  http://lasvegasreleaf.com/nevada-legalized-marijuana-now-faq/

My First Liebster Award On the Blog Broad

liebster awardI was nominated for the Liebster Award by Lavender and Levity .  This blog was designed as a coping tool for Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD) which goes hand in hand with ADHD.  It’s defined as “an extreme emotional pain and sensitivity triggered by the perception (not necessarily the reality) that a person has been rejected, teased or unfairly criticized by important people in their life.” (Wikipedia)  Often, these emotions can be quite destructive and usually manifests as frustration, anger, sensitivity or depression so it’s important to learn how to manage them.  Lavender and Levity takes her anxieties in stride often with a twist of humor.  I highly suggest you check her out and I thank her very much for the nomination.  I wish nothing but the best for my fellow chronic pain/illness/depression warriors.  Stay strong!


The Liebster Award is given to bloggers by other bloggers.  It is intended to recognize and encourage another writer’s work and efforts.  It also helps to shed light on what may be some lesser known blogs.  Essentially, once you are nominated, you pass along 10 other nominations and so on.  Some people actually find it an annoyance, but I can’t see how increasing traffic to your blog and discovering new writers is annoying.  It’s an honor, and I will take it.  Thank you!


I have been blogging for about 5 years now.  Originally under Sparky Lee Anderson but I didn’t want to write under a pen name anymore, so I left one final post on that, and the Blog Broad was born.  It’s a name I’ve been thinking about for close to 2 years and I really hope to register a domain with it soon.  I try to use humor while living (coping) with chronic illness, ME/CFS {Fibromyalgia}, Degenerative Disc Disease, Arthritis, Depression,Anxiety and PTSD.  It basically helps me from losing my mind completely.  I feel like I have changed and grown a lot since the original conception of my blog.


The instructions for accepting the Liebster are:


  • Create a new post thanking the person who nominated you, link their blog and insert the award graphic.
  • Answer the questions provided to you, share a little bit about yourself.
  • Develop a new set of questions for your nominations to answer
  • Nominate 10 others and share your post with them so they see it.


My Questions from Lavender and Levity



  • What is your Myers-Briggs personality type?  Do you think it describes you?


First, I needed to take an online test, which I found here .  I am INFP: The Idealist. (Introversion- I, Intuition-N, Feeling- F, and Perception-P)  This states that I am an introvert, that is guided by my intuition.  I make decisions based on feelings rather than thinking and I perceive rather than judge.  It states, and I quote “that the main characteristics of an INFP include:

  • Loyal and devoted
  • Sensitive to feelings
  • Warm caring and interested in other people
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Prefers to work alone
  • Values close relationships
  • Focuses on the ‘big picture’ rather than the details

INFPs tend to be introverted, quiet and reserved. Being in social situations tends to drain their energy and they prefer interacting with a select group of close friends. While they like to be alone, this should not necessarily be confused with shyness. Instead, it simply means that INFPs gain energy from spending time alone. On the other hand, they have to expend energy in social situations.

INFPS typically rely on intuition and are more focused on the big picture rather than the nitty-gritty details. They can be quite meticulous about things they really care about or projects they are working on, but tend to ignore mundane or boring details.

INFPs place an emphasis on personal feelings and their decisions are more influenced by these concerns rather than by objective information. They also dislike conflict and try to avoid it. When conflicts or arguments do arise, they usually focus more on how the conflict makes them feel rather than the actual details of the argument. During arguments, they might seem overly emotional or even irrational. However, they can also be good mediators by helping the people involved in a conflict identify and express their feelings.

When it comes to making decisions, INFPs like to keep their options open. They often delay making important decisions just in case something about the situation changes. When decisions are made, they are usually based on personal values rather than logic.

Because they are so reserved and private, it can be difficult for other people to get to know INFPs. They tend to be quite devoted to their circle of close friends and family and place a high importance on the feelings and emotions of their loved ones. Much of their energy is focused inward and characterized by intense feelings and strong values. They tend to be very loyal to the people they love and to beliefs and causes that are important to them.

INFPs tend to be very creative, artistic and spiritual. They are often skilled with language, but may prefer to express their thoughts and feelings through writing. Because they have strong ethics and values, they also become passionate about advocating or defending their beliefs. While they feel strongly about their own values, INFPs are also interested in learning more about others and are willing to listen and consider many sides of an issue.

INFPs also have strong interests in making the world a better place. In addition to wanting to gain a greater understanding of themselves and how they fit into the world, they are also interested in how they can best help others. People with this personality type spend a lot of time exploring their own purpose in life and thinking about how they can use their skills and talents to best serve humanity. (http://www.onlinepersonalitytests.org/mbti/infp)


Well, I’d say that pretty accurately describes me.  

  1.   Which technological invention of the past 100 years could you least live without?

Probably my hair dryer.  I use it everyday and my hair would be a curly frizzy mess without it and my ceramic round brush.

  1.     If it were solely up to you (no medical, job or family demands to dictate otherwise), what time would you go to bed at night and what time would you get up?

I’d probably stay up all night and go to bed around 8 am or so.  I like the quiet during these hours.  I also like watching the sun rise, having a good breakfast then going back to bed.  It happens often when I am writing plus I don’t sleep well at night so I’m sometimes up all night anyway.

  1.  What is your favorite pizza topping?

Mushrooms.  All the mushrooms.  (But only if they’re fresh, canned mushrooms can go in the trash where they belong)

  1.     What superpower would you choose if you could have only one?

I think I’d go with invisibility.  I have (embarrassingly) spent time fantasizing about being in the kitchens of fabulous restaurants and bakeries going unseen while I sample all of their wares.  I used to have a recurring donut dream, right before my monthly, where I was behind the glass just grabbing donuts of every kind, taking bites out of all of them.  

  1.     Again, assuming no financial, medical, job or family demands, and that all options were available where you live, would you rather drive your car or take public transportation?

That’s a no-brainer for me.  If I had a car, I’d use it.  I hate public transportation because I hate people’s smells.  I hate loud people, drunk people, smelly people- period.

  1.     If you could only eat stereo-typically “breakfast” foods, “lunch” foods or “dinner” foods for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

Breakfast foods.  I LOVE bacon, eggs, hash browns, pancakes, waffles, omelettes, fruits, and cereals.  I could very easily live off that and when I go somewhere that serves all day breakfast, I usually announce it like a BINGO caller, “Oh! ALL DAY Breakfast”

So that’s a little bit about me, again I’d like to thank Lavender and Levity for the nomination and here are my 10 nominees:

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Here are your questions:

  1. If you could travel through time and live in any era, when would you choose?
  2. What was the last good book you read and why would you recommend it to a friend?
  3. If you could change one thing you’ve done in the past year, what would it be and why?
  4. Tell us one of your guilty pleasures.
  5. What is the goal of your blog?
  6. When did you start writing?
  7. If you could fight a celebrity in a boxing ring, knowing you’d win, who would it be?
  8. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  9. What show can you simply, not miss?
  10. What game (Board, card or video) are you best at?


Thanks for reading.


Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously,


These Days

I am having a bad day.  I’ve been dealing with physical pain the last few days.  This always happens with a season change.  It starts with the sleepless nights.  The tossing and the turning.  Sleepless because my legs and feet ache.  A cold throbbing ache through to my bone that refuses to subside no matter how I position myself.  Next it’s the neck pain.  I am writing this currently with a hot magic bag wrapped around my neck.  Then the spine pain.  I’m eating Tylenols like Pez while propped up by pillows and have broken out the space heater.  In the meantime, I wanted to post at least twice a week to the Blog Broad but it’s difficult to be witty when you’re in pain.  All I want to do is ensconce myself in fleece and watch things that make me cry.  I like to hide that part of myself; the sick part of myself.  I prefer to retreat like a wounded animal far away from people.   I feel like I have nothing of importance to say or pass on on days like this.  It takes a big toll on my confidence.  I spend these days in a state of anxiety and nothing I write is ever good enough. 

On “these days” I am going to post “Guest Pieces”.  By a good friend of mine. I am urging her to start her own blog because she is a fabulous writer and I really enjoy her style. Last year she wrote a book and is in the process of finding a publisher. I read her book. Not only was it full of humor and things I could relate to, I couldn’t put it down and finished it in a couple of days. I really hope she finds a way to get it out there for other people to enjoy. She is a teacher by career, so her life is incredibly busy. Until she starts her own blog up she’s going to occasionally send me pieces and I will share them here.  

Stay tuned for guest posts by Ocean Hayward …