The Aftermath

Wow. It’s been a very hectic few months, my apologies.

For the eviction fiasco in Halifax, we had a hearing. In that hearing, we basically just pulled out of the lease. We didn’t give the roommate a chance to even talk, because we knew she was simply DYING to bash us to anyone who would listen. So we shut that down, said we’d be out by the beginning of August and that was that.

We packed up everything we owned, rented a U-haul (thank you for your donations, that really helped!) and made our way out to Pubnico, South Western Nova Scotia, where my partner is from.

A few weeks after we left, we were accused by the roommate and our idiot landlady, that there was cigarette smoke in her bedroom closet. What in the actual fuck? Yes Lynne, you unbelievable tool of a human, we intentionally went into your closet and smoked. Rolling my eyes, I told her this was a ridiculous accusation. It was all just a way for the idiot landlady to avoid paying us our damage deposit. Which she won’t. (and frankly, not hearing from these people ever again is worth the price). She didn’t like being called an idiot. Poor idiot landlady (and I use the term lady, lightly). I ended up having to block the Landlady from emailing me anymore, it caused immediate stress just seeing her name in my inbox.

It was bad. The landlords used to park their Escalade in the parking lot behind us and watch us. Not sure what they were looking for, but needless to say it was creepy, as well as a violation of our privacy. We never did anything but keep the place clean. We never had a single party (unlike the roommate), rarely had people over. We’re not involved in any gangs or organized crime, we weren’t running any illegal lotteries out of the home nor were we charging admission for any live bands and we weren’t cooking anything but food, so I’m not sure what they were watching for, but it was super annoying.

So everyone ended up getting what they wanted, (except us) which was us out. Sure, we are still homeless but who cares right? Lynne got her way, crying wolf. She couldn’t let it go or give us a day or 2 to cool off. Nope. Had to get us kicked out with her fairy stories. I used to respect this person, hard to believe. Now, I have absolutely ZERO respect for her. She’s a liar and a manipulative douchebag. Good luck to you.

And yes, I can say that Lynne. Trying to use my blog against me, like I’ve used your last name or published our address. In Canada, we have freedom of expression so, stuff it. My blog, my rules.

In the meantime, while we search for housing, I have been enjoying my new full-time job. I’m making good money now. Basically, that crazy landlady kicked out the ONLY person with full-time employment. Good move Melodie. Melodie. The craziest fucking tune I’ve ever heard. Again, no last names. Suck it.

I’ve been enjoying my time here in Southwest Nova. I’ve gone swimming, gone to beaches, spent time at cottages on the lake. Ate a shit ton of seafood. Went for a ride on an inflatable sombrero being pulled by a jet ski. Enjoyed countless breathtaking sunsets, were avoided by Hurricane Dorian, (we didn’t even lose power). So all in all, I’m glad we’re not living with Lynne, her obnoxious rectum clenching laugh, or her constantly barking chihuahua mix. I’ve been able to sleep again. My back doesn’t hurt as much from sleeping on a tilt in that crooked slanty shanty, nor do I have vertigo anymore. That house was seriously crooked.

Working full-time now means I don’t have as much time to dedicate to my blog as I used to. I’m exhausted by the end of my days and just want a shower, food, and bed, but I wanted to give you all an update. We’re currently seeking housing in town nearby as everything is miles away here and we don’t have a vehicle.

I’m still in shock of how the roommate manipulated the landlords and how they never spoke to us, our numbers were both on our lease. A simple phone call may have cleared things up, but instead, you made 2 people, one of which disabled, homeless. Good job.

But in the end, things are working out. We may have a house lined up. Less than what we were paying in Halifax to live in a bedroom. A backyard, a nearby trail, a deck. A whole house to ourselves. This is what we want. I will never live with a roommate again.

I’m doing well with my job, my partner is actively seeking another, we will prevail.

Here a few of my summer highlights.


at the shore
Hanging out at the shore


beach walking
Beach Walking


sombrero_LI (2)
Being pulled across a lake on the Sombrero


sombrero pt 2
After the ride. I had to pry my left hand off the handle lol


La Village
Le Village with the Fam Jam


chuck mangione
Yacht Rock ALL DAY #ChuckMangione


lobster supper
I’m in seafood heaven down here!


Honorable mentions go to:

“La Creamy Treat” for having the best ice cream treats in Nova Scotia. I will miss you Driftwood. (Waffle cone dipped in chocolate with soft serve vanilla, caramel and pretzel inside- so delicious! So fattening, my pants are tight!)

The Sister in law and Brother in law for their famous cottage hospitality.

The Mother in law for her famous baked goods. #Dawnscookies.

Giant unused ballfield next door where Lucy enjoys running leash-free chasing sticks and balls.

My buddy in town and our occasional “safety meetings”. (This means we get together, dish, and smoke pot).

Quiet. Halifax is SO noisy, we do NOT miss the dynamite blasts and constant carnage, er, I mean construction in the North End.

Nature. It comes right in your yard! Deer, bunnies, there’s a giant toad we call Geoffrey, chipmunks that come right up to you, and LOTS of butterflies and birds.

All in all, Lynne, you did us a favor. We hated living in Halifax and didn’t enjoy living with you. You were controlling and juvenile. I didn’t sign up to live with a Mrs. Garrett…

Mrs. Garrett

(Girls, girls, girls). I ended up with full-time work for the first time since 2011, we’re going to have a nicer bigger space to ourselves for less than what you pay. We’re going to start our life, finally, after four and a half years, together.

Enjoy your cat.




Image Credits

Mrs. Garrett

All other images are my own*

Genderless Onesies & Other Winter Worries


The summer is nearing an end, you can tell because the store shelves are filling up with Halloween essentials.  The humid stifling summer air is being replaced by a cool breeze and the need for a sweater.  Soon the flip flops will be put away in exchange for reliable boots and warm socks.  Emerald trees against royal blue skies will give way to streets full of discarded leaves.  The sidewalks will be flooded in puddles of reds, yellows, and oranges in varying degrees of decay that crunch beneath your feet as you walk through them.

Fall has always been my favorite of the seasons.  It’s been scientifically proven that our olfactory senses come alive with the drop in temperature.  The smell of sunscreen and barbecues will be replaced by the smell of wood stoves, decomposing vegetation, crab apples and pumpkin spice.  I love everything about Fall.  The only thing I hate is that it ends far too soon ushering a good five or six months of winter.  My depression usually peaks during the winter months.  The eastern Canadian winters are very unforgiving so I end up staying inside more, selectively hibernating while I pack on the winter 10-15 pounds.  I consume Netflix and books to pass the days away until it’s bearable outside without having to wear several layers of clothing or being afraid of falling on ice and ending up as a viral video on all your friends’ Facebook feeds.

More than anything, I fear the impending isolation as it becomes increasingly difficult to get around.  I fear being alone with my uptight depression brain seeping it’s seasonal negativity.

Summer Sam is so much more fun.  She’s more upbeat.  She takes more pride in her appearance, has more energy and doesn’t experience the intense pain the cold damp weather brings.  She’s also a better dresser.  When the cold weather approaches she packs away her cute tops, comfy capris, summer dresses and cute sandals in a big Rubbermaid bin, and essentially transforms into a winter ready, fluffy, fleecy fashion crime.  It’s true.  In exchange for feeling like a lady, I get to revisit infancy in my warm genderless onesies.  Instead of showing off my fresh pedicures in a sassy sandal, I’m rocking high wool socks and my unisex, weather appropriate boots.  Fashion no longer matters to me as I simply try to stay warm, dry and comfortable.  I have no shame in taking my dog out to pee in my neighborhood wearing Christmas fleece jammies and a bitchy resting face come February.

Looking back, this was actually a pretty decent summer.  I got outside a lot, even got a tan for the first time in years even if no one else can tell besides me.  I swam.  I got to swim in the ocean, a lake and a pool.  I took a boat ride.  I reconnected with my old bestie.  We’ve been friends since the eighth grade and I never would have survived my teen years with my family without her.  My sister from another mister.  We reminisced about old times and shared some new ones as well.  I re launched my blog with a brand new name letting go of my old pen name and some of the ghosts that went with it.   I enjoyed sunny days with my love (“C”) as we walked around our neighborhood examining historic buildings that we previously missed.  We picnicked in the park with hamburgers and far too many pigeons for her liking. (personally, I love pigeons so I’d throw bits of food to attract them in hordes as “C” squealed in terror running away while I laughed).  We laughed a lot.  We loved a lot.   We took walks down the boardwalk with my miniature dachshund, Lucy, to people watch or watch the boats pull into port.  We got to visit and spend time with her family, my new family, who are some of the nicest people and best cooks you’d ever meet.  To finish off the summer, my city, Saint John, New Brunswick, is hosting the “Fundy Fan Fest”.  This is where artists, actors, filmmakers, get together for the fans.  I am a nerd.  I’m a Whovian (Doctor Who fanatic) and a lifelong Trekkie so this is my jam.   I couldn’t afford to attend much but I did end up visiting “Midnight” a.k.a the Impala from TV’s Supernatural.  I got to touch it. Midnight Impala

Kevin Smith This past Saturday night, “C” and I attended a live podcast performance of Jay and Silent Bob Get Old with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes.  After the show, I got to meet Kevin Smith and give him a hug.  It was such a great moment for me.  I’ve admired his work since Mallrats and he remains as one of my all time favorite filmmakers.  It really was the pinnacle of my summer.   The blessings of a good summer will give me something to smile about on my sad pain days as the days grow colder and darker.

The battle for me lies in staying positive and active with my writing during the depressing winter months.    I tend to slip into self doubt, like most people would slip into sweatpants.  I need to resist that.   I need to resist that voice in the back of my mind that constantly tells me I’m not good enough.  I need to write daily even if I’m not happy with it.  I need to be as consistent in my writing as I am in fighting depression.

It’s a mixed bag of feelings as I grieve the loss of summer, and the warmth, welcome the Fall, while, fearing the winter…

Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously,


Image – Fall- courtesy of Pixabay User Valiunic/Coffee