Things I Do That Drive My Partner Crazy

I’m a bit of a weirdo.  I have many idiosyncrasies that drive My partner nuts.  Besides staying up all night writing…

Random Singing.  I sing and hum all the time.  I drove her nuts one day when I was cleaning.  I always play music when I’m cleaning.  I frequently sing along to the music or hum.  I hummed throughout Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush so much so, she got up from the couch to get her own headphones and proceeded to drown out my humming with heavy metal.

Liz Lemon singing

Eating in Bed.  She goes to bed early as her work schedule demands it.  I usually go to bed with her even if I’m not tired.  I watch TV on my IPad with headphones and the screen dimmed.  The problem is that I’m a big snacker.  I don’t have much of an appetite during the day and prefer to eat small snacks over large meals.  So when I’m up late watching TV I get the munchies and next thing I know, I’m bringing the peanut butter to bed.  Sometimes I eat chips quietly.  You have to put the entire chip in your mouth and kind of suck on it as to not make a bunch of crunching sounds to not wake your partner.  Other foods I have brought in to the bed include; granola bars, apples (although I have been banned from eating apples in bed because of the crunching) nuts, deli meats and cheese, pizza and ribs, yep- ribs are spectacular in bed.  I have a special “rib eatin'” tank top.  I am very careful not to leave crumbs utilizing a saucer beneath my chin as a catch tray.

Homer eating bed

Patience with technology.   Everything’s just so damn complicated and tedious now.  I’m a cranky ol’ broad who just wants to watch my Netflix.  Don’t tell me I have to upgrade my Windows 7, clear all my cookies, reboot my computer and spin in 3 counter clockwise circles with a fucking eagle feather whilst praying.   Also, why in the hell can I NOT copy and paste from Google docs to WordPress?  If you think I’m gonna re type everything like a fucking chump you must be mad!  I also threw my last record player in a dumpster.

Fuck computers

Free?  Yes please!  I am poor.  I love Freebies, even if it embarrasses my partner.  Sure, I took like 20 packs of hot sauce from Taco Bell.  My partner loves hot sauce.  I had purse hot sauce for months for her.  Who was the winner?

I love free

I love my dog.  She’s super cute and funny and loveable and perfect.  I don’t see the problem.  I am admittedly, addicted to dogs.

Dog freak

I tend to collect things.  When “C” and I moved in together, she was met with a plethora of Doctor Who memorabilia, zombie posters and various nods to the TV show, Supernatural.  I had a lot of clothes, records and books.  I have since scaled down my belongings, keeping only what I deemed essential.  Several TARDISs remain in the home and we’re still fighting over my Twilight books.

My stuff

I’m a night owl.  I love the the peace and quiet of night.  It’s often when I do my best writing.  I used to paint and knit at night as well.  My creativity goes in to hyperdrive during these hours.  I still sometimes draw funny cartoons for my partner to wake up to.  I have ALWAYS been a night owl.  I love staying up at night watching  my forbidden shows and documentaries.  The ones my partner deems dumb or boring or so lame.  Sometimes I am even still awake when her alarm goes off at 4 am enjoying a radio show or engaging in one of my weird hobbies.  A special nod to Alien & UFO Discolsure and Coast to Coast am for keeping me awake at night.  I also enjoy colouring.

40 year old virgin painting miniatures

In addition, I also have a terrible case of Dad humor.  

“You feel like chocolate?  You don’t look like chocolate”

*loud eyeroll*

How do you drive your partner nuts?  I can’t be the only one.
Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously,




Peter Griffin writing with a quill

Liz Lemon singing
Homer eating in bed
Ron Swanson computer in trash

Dog lover

40 year old virgin gif